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Uproar at Olton Station over 37 Bus Changes

by Ade Adeyemo on 15 June, 2016

Bus users in Solihull are angry at a recent, poorly publicised change which is part of a 6-month trial by National Express West Midlands (NX).

The No. 37 bus no longer stops at Olton Station, instead staying on the A41 Warwick Road and completely by-passing the station.

The trial, which began on May 29th, caught local people by surprise – many of them complaining to local Councillors about the lack of consultation. One of the signs at the bus stop was a laminated sheet of A4 paper, which promptly fell down and spent much of the time on the floor.

Olton and Lyndon Councillors at Olton Station Bus Stop

Olton and Lyndon Councillors: Ade Adeyemo, Jo Fairburn, John Windmill and Tony Ludlow, holding information sign

The Operator, NX, is concerned at the time buses take to negotiate Richmond Road, Station Drive and Ulverley Green Road, causing delays especially at peak times. The trial is to see if by-passing Olton Station will result in a significant reduction in Birmingham-Solihull travel times.

Sign at Olton Station Bus Stop

Sign at Olton Station Bus Stop – before it fell off

Olton Councillor Joanne Fairburn said that several local residents have complained about lack of advance warning:

“Initial signage at Olton Station was extremely poor. Olton Station is one of our transport hubs, designed to encourage public transport use. What effect will removal of the 37 bus, our most frequent, have on the Olton Interchange?”

Lyndon Councillor Ade Adeyemo added, “I am concerned that users of the 37 bus from my ward will now have to walk much further, compounded by the shelving of plans to create a new bus stop southbound, opposite the Rajasthan Restaurant.

“Elderly and disabled passengers will have to walk further, often across busy roads. They’re not happy and feel that their needs are being ignored.

“We sought assurance from Council officers that this is a genuine trial and that afterwards both NX and Solihull Council will make a decision balancing everyone’s needs.”

The Olton and Lyndon teams will be keeping a close eye on this and are seeking feedback at



2 Responses

  1. Sue Kimber says:

    Dear Ade

    I live in the Lyndon ward. I support reinstating No. 37 bus stop at Olton station. Just to let you know I have emailed NX directly stating my disappointment in them.

    I also believe that there are not enough parking spaces at Olton station. I’m not sure what the answer to this is though!

    Kind regards

    • Ade Adeyemo says:

      Hello Sue,

      I too am concerned about the revised bus route, especially the problems that it causes for older, disabled and visually impaired bus users.

      I met recently with officers from Solihull Council and they stressed that this is definitely a 6-month trial and that no final decision will be made without taking into account the vviews of local residents.

      In the meantime, we will continue to collect comments from residents, ssuch as yourself, and put the evidence to Solihull Council and NX at the end of the trial period.

      In the meantime, please submit any further comments via our ‘bus 37’ survey at

      Best wishes,


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