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Here To Deliver Change: Ade Adeyemo – Liberal Democrat

by Ade Adeyemo on 5 March, 2015

Ade Adeyemo, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Meriden

Ade Adeyemo, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Meriden

My name is Ade Adeyemo and I am the 2015 Liberal Democrat Candidate for the Meriden Parliamentary Constituency.

I have decided to stand in these elections because I feel that the people of the Meriden Constituency are crying out for change, for something different – a positive voice that represents their aims and their aspirations in life.

I am a local resident – my family and I have lived in the Borough for over 18 years now and I am passionate about our local area. My children all grew up here and I feel that we must work very hard to keep it a place we are all proud to call ‘home’.

I am a Chartered Civil Engineer and Risk Management Professional. During my professional career, I have been involved in construction and management of major building and civil engineering projects in the UK and overseas.

I am also a keen rugby fan – I used to play at centre for Birmingham & Solihull Rugby Club (the Bees). After retiring due to injury I took up refereeing. I am now a (retired) Rugby Football Union (RFU) Referee and Adviser with the Warwickshire Society. Additionally, I dabble in a bit of photography and I present a music show on Radio Sandwell. I am also actively involved in a number of local Voluntary and Community Associations.

I first became involved with the Liberal Democrats as a volunteer, helping to deliver leaflets for Lorely Burt MP. That was several years ago and I am now Chairman of the Local Party in Solihull and Meriden.

I therefore enter the political fray with a record of delivery. I have been involved in Borough-wide campaigns, working closely with Lorely Burt (MP for Solihull), to help local residents and businesses. As a local Activist and Campaigner, I have been involved with our campaigns to protect and improve dementia and mental health services, to save our local NHS Walk-In Centre and our successful campaign to bring back double-crewed ambulances to the Borough.

Despite its apparent economic success, Meriden is one of the most divided in the West Midlands in terms of wealth. We live in tough economic times but we must continue to strive for a fairer society where there is equal opportunity for all.

We also have a very diverse community here in the Meriden Constituency and I believe very in working with local groups and local people, whatever their age, colour, religion, physical ability, ethnicity or educational background – fostering togetherness in our community and ensuring that we can all live together in harmony.

I have always been a strong supporter of our local Police and emergency services, as well as our local community and voluntary services who do so much to improve our quality of life here in the Borough.

We are proud to have some of the best schools in the country but that does not mean that we can rest on our laurels. I am committed to working with local schools and teachers to learn from the best and spread that knowledge and expertise to those parts of our educational system that are not quite so good, encouraging our children to be the best that they can be.

For young people, I will strive to improve local recreational facilities, jobs and apprentice places. I will also challenge our Council to provide more affordable housing so that young people and those of modest means are not forced to move out of the area in search of somewhere affordable to live.

The people of Meriden deserve positive change –they are tired of the status quo where the incumbent MP is simply not vocal enough in standing up for local residents. If I am elected as MP for Meriden, I will make it my duty to put our constituency “back on the map”, by speaking up on behalf of my constituents, particularly young people and less fortunate members of our community.
If elected, I promise to challenge those on Solihull Council who represent us here in the Meriden Constituency about their decisions and how better they can represent us and our values. Far too often, decisions have been pushed through on the Council that are clearly not in the best interests of our residents and local businesses. That situation must change.

What I am offering is a change for the better – opportunity for all and a strong voice for Meriden. Something new, something different, something genuine. A fresh new start for the good people of Meriden.

This biography was originally published in the Thursday March 5 2015 edition of the Solihull Observer

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